Michi Anzai Porter

Michi Anzai was born in Munich, Germany, and within one year moved to the United States. Her father, Hitoshi, was a Japanese/American born and raised in Hawaii and her mother, Christa, is German and was born and raised in Germany. Hitoshi was in the United States Army when he met Christa and married her in 1964.

Michi was 6 years old when she began ice skating lessons at a new rink near her home in San Diego, California. At 18 she joined the famous Ice Capades where she performed for 5 years touring the United States and Canada. In 1991, she began working for Richard Porter in Japan at Mitsui Greenland. The following year she was promoted to Company Manager and performed at Sea World in San Diego, her hometown.

In 1995, Michi was promoted to Senior Company Manager and was given the opportunity to cast, costume and choreograph a show, which was received with rave reviews. She feels very fortunate to continue her career in the production side of the skating business and considers herself one of the lucky few that have been given this opportunity.
Michi’s choreography is truly innovative and spellbinding and is inspired by the famous “Cirque Du Soleil.” Her credits are worldwide and include choreography for “Branson City Lights” and “Hot Country Ice” in Branson, Missouri where both shows won Show of the Year awards, “Magic Trip to America” in Moscow, which was the first joint American and Russian show since the fall of the iron curtain, “Christmas on Ice,” “Reachin’ for Gold,” “Celebration on Ice” and countless other shows around the country and the world.

In 1997, Michi and Richard Porter were married and have been writing, producing and directing ice spectaculars ever since. The teaming of Richard and Michi Porter and their Advanced Entertainment Group, have proven time and time again that they produce the very best shows in the world today.